Monday, January 25, 2010

That “Sweet Spot” in January

For nearly as long as I’ve lived on the coast, there’s always been the local’s secret of the mid-winter break, an interlude that might be just a couple of really nice days or sometimes a springlike fortnight of shirtsleeve weather and still backwaters.

The forecast really didn’t call for it on Saturday.  Andrea and I loaded the car with rubber boots, an umbrella (for the cameras!), gloves and various precautions against the chill and damp… and drove smack into a day of sunshine and calm.

ChinookLowTide Near Chinook, WA.


A slash of red, Bay Center, WA.

ClammingDesat Clamming at Bay Center, WA

BacklightAfterglow At Chinook River.  Day’s end.

ChinookRiver Chinook River.  The batteries in the Sony finally gave up, so I pulled out the Panasonic again for a last few frames.

Andrea’s take on the same day.

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Seraffyn said...

Beautiful selection - and I love the way you described the getaway. It's true - it was an enchanted Winter's day.