Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did you feel that?

“Feel what?”

You mean you didn’t feel the Bush administrations (from the past) and the Reagan administration (from beyond the grave) screwing you?  Telling you that because you only earn an average (or below average) living that your “speech” doesn’t count for squat?

In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court effectively codified what we reluctant realists (cynics) already believed:  Money = Speech

If you’ve got more dough, you’ve got more say, period.  And it doesn't even matter if you're not an actual human being. Corporations have "personhood" as far as campaign financing is concerned.

With the stroke of a pen, a century of campaign regulation and reform was negated, and there is no further appeal.

Nearly a decade ago, a friend asked me why I was so passionately anti-Bush. 

This was before two unnecessary wars, before four aircraft were used as guided missiles against American targets in spite of prior warning, indeed, before the election had even occurred.

My answer was very succinct:  “Think about the Supreme Court!”

And today, we think about the Supreme Court.  Only one Justice has been replaced by the current administration, and the net result was a zero-sum.  One moderate for another.  The balance remains unchanged. 

For the foreseeable future, this court has the capability to continue to bestow more and more power and influence to corporate “citizens” and fewer and fewer avenues of appeal for mere individual, legal (or illegal) human Citizens.

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