Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So… now, does it actually work?

I haven’t been a fan of Blogspot/Blogger’s default editing/authoring tool since, well… ever.  I put up with it for a couple of years, but then found Live Writer and stumbled through adapting it to the point where I was pretty comfortable with the flow… and then something changed. 

The biggest issue is that photos don’t present properly.  More specifically, they don’t show up at all more than half the time.  The failed attempts at uploads are removed, of course, but the net effect is that it looks as though the blog has died.

Actually, it looks as though both blogs are trying to die.

That’s not the case… they’re just in a software-induced coma.

I’m hoping that the dramatic change here might have the same effect as a defibrillator and jolt things back into a working rhythm.

Test image follows now:


OK… this one works, but others don’t, and there’s no difference in the workflow.  Clearly, there’s more work to be done and stuff to be learned.

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