Monday, January 24, 2011

“HipAid” Benefit Night

HipFish is the North Coast’s alternative newspaper, and its offices were in the “10 on Sixth” building that was one of two waterfront structures destroyed by fire in December.

A benefit concert/party was held on January 23 at the Columbian Theater and the adjacent Voodoo Lounge. 

A very incomplete scattering of shots from the event:

Jeff Carden

Jackson Andrews

Kim Angelis

Mark Erikson

Jeremy Hirsch

Calamity Jane Herrold, Denise Drake, Dinah Urell

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Optimist

The Optimist

The surf was pretty big, it’s true, but it was messy and blown out.  But this kid (he looked like a kid, anyway, a very tall one) was smiling as he walked down the beach.

I was a little incredulous.  There was no one else in the water, and no other cars in the parking lot with boards on their racks. 

“You think there’s anything rideable out there?” I asked.

He smiled, looked out at the water.  “Maybe not for me, but it’s more a matter of getting into the water.  It’s been a long time for me.”

I wished him luck.

If he actually stood up, I didn’t see him do it.  He tried mightily, though.

ISO 100.  70-300 G, 100mm @ f/8, 1/640

Long Time Away

Time put something new up.

I went back to Indian Beach again today, 51 weeks after I mashed my ribs at the same place.  I was more careful this time.

The weather changed rapidly, but I only got hit by a couple of raindrops.

I shot a lot, and not all of the same subject, but for the moment, here are three different takes (and processes) of the Tillamook Head lighthouse.

Tilly Straight from RAW

Tilly Contrast-Masked

Tilly Monochrome

All photos with 70-300 G zoom, f/8 for the first two, f/25 for the last.  All ISO 100, shutter speeds varied.  Minor crops after straightening, but essentially full-frame.