Monday, May 21, 2012

Testing My Nerve


This shot just reminds me of the one that I didn’t get.

It’s a Caspian Tern, and I had really pissed it off.  How, I’m not exactly sure, but I had.

The shot that I wish that I had was that of the bird approaching me in full dive-bomb mode, mouth so wide open that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see daylight in the middle of it all. It was shrieking its disapproval of my presence with a complete absence of reserve.

The shot above is of the bird on climb-out after the attack.


I got several of this one with the fish in its mouth.  I wondered if the blowhard was trying to tell me “this could be you, biped!” with the number of passes that it made.  Or maybe it just wanted to be sure that it got its picture taken with it’s prize.