Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Time Away

Time put something new up.

I went back to Indian Beach again today, 51 weeks after I mashed my ribs at the same place.  I was more careful this time.

The weather changed rapidly, but I only got hit by a couple of raindrops.

I shot a lot, and not all of the same subject, but for the moment, here are three different takes (and processes) of the Tillamook Head lighthouse.

Tilly Straight from RAW

Tilly Contrast-Masked

Tilly Monochrome

All photos with 70-300 G zoom, f/8 for the first two, f/25 for the last.  All ISO 100, shutter speeds varied.  Minor crops after straightening, but essentially full-frame.


Seraffyn said...

How fun! I was just thinking about that beach today.

I like seeing these three different takes. At first I was most drawn to #2, because of the drama of the crashing waves, and because I like the light, but in the end I like #3 the best. I like the perspective and the softening of the surf. I guess I just like the mood it evokes.

One other thing, the lighthouse in #2 seems to be leaning more than the rest, and that combined with how the waves are crashing at just the right spot, makes it seem like the whole rock is afloat an bobbing in a very restless sea!

NWWanderer said...

The tripod probably shifted on the rocks for #2, and the horizon line is obscured by the foam. I need to go back and straighten that using the lighthouse as the guide!