Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never thought I’d envy that!

One of my neighbors has been sneezing for close on five minutes now, with less than 15 seconds between blasts.

It’s a situation I’m familiar with, even infamous for.  But these days even thinking about that makes my chest hurt.

Earlier this evening I had a “mini fit” of four sneezes in a row.  I had to stifle each of them, and managed to do it with only a minimal amount of pain.

Anyone who has broken, cracked, or bruised ribs will know what I’m referring to here… the feeling of having your chest ripped open at the point of contact with each convulsion.

I’m now 18 days into recovery from the fall that I took on the driftwood at Indian Beach, but there’s clearly a long way to go.

The fellow next door who’s blasting away will probably feel the need for a nap soon.  I know the feeling.  If I’d just done the same as him, I’d probably be in the ER, begging for a sedative.

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