Sunday, April 6, 2008

Photo Trial

I'm just checking out the Picasa/Blogger interface.

I was sorting through a bunch of recent photos this morning when I happened back across this one. It served as a pretty stark reminder of some of the main reasons that I've never regretted my switch from film to digital, and print film to digital in particular.

In recent weeks I've sorted through several hundred prints that were shot as my son was growing up and was just stunned by the lack of color depth and dynamic range. The latter was never that big of a surprise to me, as the translation from a film negative to a paper positive is always a bit of a compromise, and when left to a machine, it's never a particularly good compromise.

Going digital has given me a way to take back my images, to show them the way that I saw them, not the way some automated eyeball guessed at them.
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