Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On Making the Switch

I had a MySpace account for a while. It's a longish, silly story as to why, but I did. I knew when I went into it that MySpace was owned by NewsCorp, home of Fox(Not)News and lair of Rupert Murdoch. So, I didn't spend a lot of time there.

Aside from its corporate parentage, I really couldn't stand MySpace because it just looked so BAD! You could take steps to clean things up, but its maximum potential seemed to be limited to "not hideous".

Also, I'm not into collecting "friends". I don't know if a person is a friend unless I've known the person for a while. Clicking a button doesn't make friendship a fact. Dane Cook's "Two Million" video was hysterical for several reasons, not the least of which is the way that it digs at the whole concept of "friends" in the MySpace context.

I'm not totally clueless where technology is concerned, but I had somehow missed the basic point of MySpace... as a social networking venue. Any long-term interest in a network for me has a lot more to do with writing and reading original posts than swimming through gigabytes worth of forwarded stuff and canned "greetings".

So, I'm trying this out. Taste is entirely personal, but I like the looks of this tool better. So far I'm not ready to give an unconditional thumbs-up about the full array of functions, but it's working reasonably well for what I've tried.

The best solution would be for me to create my own site (again), and I know I can, but really, that's a lot like having to build your own house so you can have a place to sleep. There are much more expedient solutions available.

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