Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Lead Photo

I'll probably change this soon, as it's out of proportion to the task.

It goes a long way toward illustrating just why I love this little patch that I live on, though. The shot was taken a 20-second walk from my front door.

It's just about impossible to fathom getting tired or bored of the view from my bedroom window or front porch. The light, sky and water change so rapidly and constantly that it's usually like watching a movie.

Caspian terns, like the one that posed so willingly for me in this shot, are only here for a few months of each year. They're beautiful to watch, not so much to hear. It's a love-hate relationship, as their voices are nasty, raspy, even rude, and they pass through by the thousands.

Crows and gulls are ever-present. Great Blue Herons live nearby and stalk the mudflats regularly. Bald Eagles frequent the area, and in late spring the juveniles converge in motley numbers in and around the lagoon.

And then there are the geese. There are two or three domestics that paddle about the east end of the lagoon, honking and screaming at anything that moves, day or night, and the regular cadre of migrating Canada geese, sometimes in twos and threes, sometimes in huge squadrons. When those Canucks start partying at two in the morning, you start to think that a frat house for a neighbor might not be so bad.

I do love it here. Never in my life did I ever think that I'd be able to raise my head in the morning and look out at a sunrise over six miles of open water, dotted on various days by ducks, geese, Panamax freighters, tug and barge combos, fog, whitecaps or a glassy, polished surface. I never get tired of it.
(I replaced the image 4/21. The first of the Caspian terns showed up right around 4/15 this year.)

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Seraffyn said...

I never get tired of visiting you there, either! Love you.