Wednesday, September 22, 2010

While Waiting

I thought I had a great opportunity to photograph a spider at work this evening, but as I set up, I scared her off.

I left everything in place and waited.

And waited.

Truth is, I’m still waiting now… maybe as I write this she’ll come back down out of her hidey-hole.

Spider webs catch anything that passes by, and this one happened to catch two dandelion seeds before they could find terra firma again and set roots. 

Using the 105mm macro at 1:1, they looked more like something that might have escaped from the imaginations of the producers of The Matrix.  They look like some sort of alien spaceships in formation.


No crop here.  The actual image area would fit neatly inside the space occupied by a typical pinkie fingernail.  Just love macro lenses!

ISO 100, remote fill flash, 1/125th @f/8.

PS:  I strongly suggest clicking on the image for the full effect.

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