Sunday, May 16, 2010

Different Wavelength

Infrared, to be precise. Just past our normal visible spectrum.


Barn and gate near Brownsmead, OR.

Sony 18-70mm zoom.  f/8 @ 5 seconds with R-72 filter.  Tripod mounted.  No crop, developed in ACR.

Time constraints didn’t allow us to explore and photograph when the visible spectrum lent itself to more interesting photographs, so I took some extreme measures.  It was a beautiful, warm afternoon, but that just didn’t translate well in photographs, so it was time to get out the bigger hammers.

Anyone passing by as I set up the shot either paid no attention at all or thought “Can’t he hold a camera still in broad daylight?” 

It would have been a fair question.  Sunglasses were in order after all.  But the R-72 filter is all but opaque, and the camera’s meter is useless when it’s in place. 


Brownsmead freight station.  Exposure specifications as as shown above.

Technical details:  Both files were developed in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) with somewhat different settings.  No further adjustments (other than optimizing for web use) were made.

First impressions:  The Brownsmead Station shot really shows off how IR Imaging opens up shadows at certain points of the day.  When shot, the right side of the railroad crossbuck was barely legible… and that primarily from memory.

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