Thursday, May 20, 2010

Avian Parade at the Yacht Race


This shot only works well if you click on it.

I’d shot a lot of the preparation for and start of the Tuesday yacht race.  The wind was howling, and even with the aid of the monopod, I was getting pretty fatigued from keeping the horizon level and scanning the interior of the viewfinder for close to an hour. 

Just as the boats were getting to be too far out of range for usable shots, a line of cormorants started streaming through the race.  There are 32 in this frame.  I shot a number of frames and then gave up, heading up and over the fill wall at the end of Pier 1.  As I hauled myself up to the top, I looked back and saw that the stream of back waterfowl had not abated at all. 

They continued to stream south across the river and toward Youngs Bay for as long as I was willing to be battered by the wind.

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