Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surrealistic Super Bowl

OK, so my cable provider screwed the pooch TWICE in trying to make things right for me and omitted CBS from my basic lineup.  I can’t stay home forever while they figure their screw ups up…
I’m not overjoyed about it , but Charter’s multi-level, multi-year screw up put me on a barstool at the Fort George Brewery, alongside Jeff Carden and Lee (full identity preserved by your reporter’s lack of willingness to ask).
Now then, to the game:
First half… something of a yawner.  But, isn’t that remarkable in and of itself?
Second half… Holy S***!  Start the half with an onside kick, and recover it?  Isn’t that the stuff that middle-school football geeks do?  Just because nobody does it, it’s not expected, and it just might work?
And the world imploded for Indianapolis fans after that.
What was really strange (and uproariously funny) for me was that the Fort George brewpub was showing the game, but not transmitting the audio.
So, we have the “Fossils otherwise known as "The Who” performing to a local soundtrack of newgrass (dobro and banjo with various accompaniments) creating a completely incongruous and somehow  managing to make it all sync up with the images onscreen. 
There were all of five of us paying attention to the game (this is Astoria, after all)  and four of us remarked on the bizarre synchronicity of the halftime program.
You (quite laterally) had to be there to appreciate it.
Congratulations, New Orleans!  Helluva game!

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Seraffyn said...

I remember laughing at this the first time I read it, and I'm laughing again now, months later, while I'm waiting for deals to come in this quarter end. I find it pretty funny to watch almost any tv with the sound off. Looks rather ridiculous. Never tried it with an alternative soundtrack.