Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too Much to Keep Up With

Really, there have only been about ten hours of sunlit days that I’ve been able to be out and about in this month.  Honestly.  There’s been a little bit more than that overall, but not all that much. 

Most of the sun fell on August 14, with a bit of a peek-a-boo game on the 15th and the heart of the day on the 16th.  After that, fall set in.

Still, I shot so much in those sunny periods that I’m having trouble keeping up with it all.  Different threads and stories running through all of it.  Not sure how to deal with it all.

Still, sometimes a frame (or part of it) will pop out and say “deal with me.”


This uses about 20% of the full frame.  I’d been following the same bird for more than half an hour and got a lot of stuff that I liked, but it never went all akimbo like this.

“G” 70-300 @ 300mm, ISO 100, 1/160 @ f/8, handheld. Developed from RAW in ACR.  Light dodging applied in shadows around face in CS4.

A couple more from the same sequence:


“Fish on!  Or under.”


It’s a keeper.

Same basic specs as above.  Cropped for composition.


Seraffyn said...

Had to laugh when I hovered over this picture and read "Heron Ballet" - exactly what I was thinking. :)

NWWanderer said...

Well, it was a choice between ballet, tai-chi and kung-fu... but it didn't look much like the "crane position" to me.