Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Process

First is the shoot. 

Get there, mount up the equipment, read the light, test the white balance.  Retest the white balance.  Shoot the first game.  Adjust compensation factors the second location.  Shoot the second game.

The easy part is done now.

Load the card to the hard drive.  Wow… 532 files (266 images, captured in .jpg and RAW simultaneously)… this is going to take a while.

First viewing.  There are some obvious and inevitable failures.  Autofocus took a smoke break, photographer couldn’t find the shutter button, etc.  Those are expected. 

And, I’d expected to see some improvement in the general quality of the images since my last attempt because I’ve changed lenses.  But I wasn’t sure if it would be something that would jump out at me.

It really did.

The G lens focuses faster (and sometimes mis-focuses faster) than the old gold can ever could.  The percentage of keepers leaped up… and the ones that went south when WAY south… no equivocation there.  Those were losers, and there was no doubt about that.

But the winners!  Oh, my.  I’m so happy!  I’m not talking total technical perfection here… this is a fast-moving sporting event in pretty crappy light… but the increased contrast, sharpness, CA (chromatic aberration) control is so obvious to me in the first viewing that I can’t help but get excited.

However… the white balance really wasn’t right, but the potential of the RAW files to correct for that, and opening shadow detail, and reducing noise and… I could go on for as many options as ACR offers.

The summary is that I’ve got a lot of work to do.

But it should be worth it.


Stella takes flight.  One of my favorites so far.

No crop.  Sony 70-300mm “G” @ 70mm.  ISO 200, 1/160 @ f/5.6.  Monopod used throughout the shoot.

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