Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now and again…

…the crusty old champagne-gold Minolta underachiever will step up and at least get on base, if not put one out of the park.


I guess I needed to be reminded that cheap lenses don’t perform badly all of the time.  Given enough light, things can look pretty good! 

Unfortunately, in these latitudes, the conditions are wrong more often than they’re right by a large margin.

Several factors were working in its favor for this shot.  Bright light, low ISO, “sweet-spot” aperture, and middling focal length worked to strong advantage.  Sharpness was good where it was intended to be, and CA is minimal.

Still… I’m jonesing bad for that G-series lens that Sony shooters are raving about. 

ISO 100.  Minolta 75-300mm @ 180mm. 1/160 at f/8.  No crop.

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Seraffyn said...

It is a lovely shot. They're still blooming away, too!