Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, For a Kayak Tonight...

Ripples are slow, too lazy to peak. The stillness stretches all the way across the river.

It's warm and so sticky that the grass is sopping wet, though there's been no rain for more than a day.

Breathless calm, muted hues, happy frogs, the soft murmur of contented ducks bobbing nearby, but out of sight.

I want to disrupt it ever so slightly, just to cut one long, broad wedge into the surface, pointing a slender craft out toward the trestle's cut, dipping a paddle quietly.
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Seraffyn said...

I still love this. Makes me want to be on that water. But maybe not today. brrrr!

Seraffyn said...

Can I say it again? Love this. Very beautiful imagery in your words.