Monday, September 22, 2008

Hiding Right in Front of Me

I was relaxing a bit after sunrise, taking my ease before beginning another day of helping A. finish her move. The new house has a great collection of plants around it and the late August sunrise was catching some at their best.

I put the new macro on (a Sigma 105mm f 2.8, for those interested) and started playing. None of these are altered or cropped.

As I composed the last set, I kept thinking I still had sleep in my eyes... the stem of the flower just looked "fuzzy"... didn't seem to be able to focus it, though the rest of the composition looked OK. I shot it and previewed it and realized that there was some serious industry taking place right in front of me.

I reset the lens to as close to 1:1 as I could hold and then shot the critters at work.

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